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Events Management Community has relaunched at their first in-person event!

After 18 months of growing the Events Management Community, members had the opportunity to meet up in-person for the first time.

On 24th January 2024, the Events Management Community (EMC), started by Dawn Dodd and Catherine Hetherington in IS Applications Directorate, held their first in-person event to relaunch the community which provides a space for event planners across the University to ask questions and gain insight from each other. With 60 attendees, the event was very successful, with great engagement on moving the Community forward. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, looking forward to the growth and future opportunities of the community.

“It is so lovely to see how much this community has grown, and the journey it has been on. After the relaunch event I am feeling energised about the future, the work the community can do together, and the strategic importance of our community.”

Lucy EverettEmployer Engagement Manager for the Careers Service

The day included five main sessions, with complementary lunch, courtesy of the Hospital and Events Collection, and a drinks reception at the Scholar Hotel to end the day. Starting with a warm welcome from Heather MacBain, Head of Marketing in Communications and Marketing (CAM), Dawn and Catherine then discussed how the EMC formed and its achievements to-date. The future is really bright for this community, and includes more opportunities for connecting with other event planners. Shona Black, Head of Events at the Business School, led the networking icebreaker and break, which provided the perfect opportunity to make new acquaintances, put faces to names, and sample some delicious cakes! Brainstorming for an EMC Induction programme has led to lots of great ideas to help existing and future events organisers. Finally, attendees were introduced to what inspired the delicious and refreshed menu when Amanda Ferguson, Head of Business Development at Accommodation Catering and Events (ACE), interviewed Head Chef Neil Mackenzie, and Rae Conn, Head of Catering Operations.

EMC Relaunch

Initiated by Dawn and Catherine in Summer 2022 to improve engagement and establish a cross-departmental community for professional services staff responsible for events, the EMC has grown considerably. From 20 people at the beginning to over 300 people today, members come from all across the University, from schools and colleges to professional services. The community is a great place to get to know other colleagues, share knowledge and advice from a wide range of backgrounds, and stay up-to-date on event news, working closely with the Business School, ACE, and Service Management.

With recent discussions on Teams including organising childcare for in-person events and the best way to make card payments, the EMC is always looking ahead on making their events accessible to a wider range of colleagues. As part of this, a new Events Management committee has developed, responsible for the planning and delivery of the community’s events and group remit. Shona, Amanda, and Ioannis Kalkounos, Programme Manager from the Edinburgh Futures Institute, have joined Dawn and Catherine to look forward for the EMC. This is a very exciting time for the community’s future!

To find out more and get involved with the Events Management Community, please contact Catherine Hetherington ( and Dawn Dodd (