Enterprise Architecture

Industry Relationship Management (IRM)

The Industry Relationship Management (IRM) service provides processes and an IT platform for tracking the University's collaboration with a wide range of industrial partners.

What does IRM do?

The IRM service helps organisations throughout the University manage their business development and industry engagement, including research partnerships and spin-off companies.  By using common processes, knowledge and experience from one unit can be shared with others. 

A common data model:

  • allows the service to report activity across the University
  • brings visibility to a range of interaction
  • avoids multiple people chasing the same contact
  • provides external stakeholders with more streamlined interactions with the University

Who to talk to / find out more

The IRM service is managed by Service Management in ISG. To find out more about the service, please visit the IRM SharePoint site.

IRM SharePoint site (requires University login)

Alternatively, you can contact Alasdair Macleod, IRM Services Manager:

Email Alasdair.Macleod@ed.ac.uk

Which systems are used to support IRM?

The IRM service is implemented using Salesforce CRM.

What does using the service involve?

The service will help you adapt your processes, train the members of staff and provide the IT system.