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Manage Your Wellbeing

University can be busy and stressful at times, and this can affect your wellbeing, particularly as you settle into your studies. We all have strategies for coping with ups and downs in life and it is important to continue using and revising these approaches at University too. By doing this, you will help support and maintain your positive wellbeing and that of those around you. This is an important part of getting the most out of your university journey. 

Your guide to 5 Ways of Wellbeing 

The '5 Ways to Wellbeing' are 5 distinct actions to help improve personal wellbeing: connect, be active, keep learning, take notice and give. The University is promoting these steps as a great tool for students and staff within our community to enhance their own and each other's wellbeing. 

Engaging with our '5 Ways to Wellbeing' guide before you arrive will help you think about what wellbeing means to you now, how you deal with challenges, and how you will engage with your own wellbeing while at the University. 

This guide addresses each of the 5 ways to wellbeing in turn and provides some examples of what each of these could look like at the University. It also includes information about student support services that can ease your transition into the University, offer development opportunities and provide spaces to reflect and learn. 



Connecting with the people around you is important: with family, friends, peers, societies and your university community. At university, you will build relationships in your courses, in your accommodation, and so on.

Be active

Sport, exercise and physical activity play a key role in both your physical and mental wellbeing. Being active is about doing something that suits you.

Take notice

Savour the moments that you experience at the University, whether it be spending time with your friends, going for a walk, taking part in a study group or exploring your surroundings.

Keep learning

At university, you will work towards achieving your academic goals throughout your whole programme. However, there are many other opportunities to enhance your learning and study skills. Learning new things is fun, and can improve confidence and self-esteem.


Even the smallest act can make you and others happier. As students, there are many opportunities to give back to your community. With giving, you can gain many new skills and find it rewarding too. This may be through volunteering your time to support and listen to your peers; being part of an activity to enhance your own experience or getting a job to expand your horizons and meet new people.

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