Report + Support

Link to the platform to report disclosures of sexual violence, harassment, GBV, stalking and domestic abuse

You can access Report + Support, along with full guidance on how to use it at the link below:

Report + Support

What is Report + Support?

Report + Support is an online platform that any of our students or staff can use to report sexual assault and exploitation, domestic abuse, stalking and harassment or online abuse. It doesn’t matter when or where this took place.  

Report + Support is a 24/7 service, so you can report at any time, and a trained member of staff will contact you within 24 hours. If you choose to provide your details, the University’s Equally Safe team will contact you in confidence to offer you support and advice on your safety, your emotional and physical wellbeing and other aspects like legal advice or access to counselling. You can also make an anonymous report – although we can’t respond to these, this gives us information to shape our services.  

Video: VIDEO: report and support
An overview of the University of Edinburgh's Report + Support platform.

Report + Support is not an emergency site, and is not staffed over the weekend. 

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Accessibility Statement

Report + Support Accessibility Statement | The University of Edinburgh

Privacy Notice

 Report + Support privacy notice (482.84 KB PDF)