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Workshops, fact sheets, resources and advice for undergraduates and postgraduates to help you develop your academic and study skills, and skills development support and workshops for PhD students.

Top 5 ways to get through exam season

We all know that during exam season there’s no escaping revision. When it comes down to it, you can’t really beat solid hours spent creating effective notes, practising developing answers, and ensuring you understand the importance of time constraints. However, there is a definitely a sweet spot with revision, and overdoing it can actually be detrimental to exam performance. Therefore, we’re here to suggest a few alternative methods of improving your grades that don’t involve memorising equations, historical dates, or another Shakespeare quote.


Study development aimed at helping you improve your approach and performance in academic work: workshops, online resources (LearnBetter) and one-to-one consultations.

Taught postgraduates

Workshops, courses and online resources focused on the challenges of studying at postgraduate level, covering topics such as working with research data, literature searching, critical thinking, dissertation planning and writing, and managing your reading.

PhD skills development

A range of support and workshops designed to help in the completion of your postgraduate research degree and in preparation for your future career.