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View from a Teaching Fellow - Intro to Sociology

Gisli Vogler, Teaching Fellow in Sociology  at the Centre for Open Learning tells us what he loves about his new course.

About the Course

Where does our sense of self and identity come from? And, how is it shaped by the society we live in? These fundamental questions have animated sociological research and debate for over a century.

This Introduction to Sociology Course will provide you with an introduction to sociology and how it has addressed the link between our sense of self and society.

You will explore how sociological theories of the relationship between the individual and society are connected to and can help inform contemporary debates on subjects such as gender and class, populism, and climate change.

Why You Should Take this Course

Gisli Vogler, Teaching Fellow and Course Organiser gives us an insight into what to expect if you study Intro to Sociology

"I am very excited about adding a sociology course to our programme. This course gives a great introduction to classic sociological debates, but also how these continue to help sociologists better understand issues as varied as responses to climate change or populism. Joining a new course is also always an exciting opportunity to actively shape what is taught and how. 

One thing I absolutely love about sociology (and this course) is how studying something as ordinary as our relationship with others can prove such a multifaceted and complex topic and offer such rich insights for how we live our lives and for almost any debate currently occurring in society and academia."

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Intro to Sociology, starts 18th Jan 2023