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Art and design are an intrinsic part of modern society, shaping how we see and interact with the world.

Art and Design is a varied, interesting and passionate subject area.

And we can guarantee that our experienced teachers will bring their passion as well as a wealth of experience to teaching, meaning you won’t just be learning the theory behind your chosen discipline, you’ll be developing your practical skills and producing your own work too.


Studying art and design is an exciting journey - start yours today and book a course in Term 2. Here are some top picks you may like:



Developing Graphic Design

This course aims to consolidate and build upon existing skills in Graphic Design to develop new ones, enabling students to produce outcomes that consider the audience and application within a professional context. The course content will be driven by the interests of individual students within the framework of a given brief, and will broaden their practical and professional understanding of the discipline.


Introduction to Digital Animation

This course will introduce students to the basic techniques and approaches to digital animation to develop creative ideas through the moving image. Students will learn the basic skills of 2D digital animation by establishing a working knowledge Adobe After Effects using Mac computers. Through a range of hands-on exercises, students will gain essential knowledge of using a storyboard, setting up an environment or composition and working with sound to make short animated sequences.


Developing an Illustration Project

This course is designed for students who wish to create an ambitious personal illustration project.  Students can adapt a written story or series of poems to develop these into an involved illustration project or focus upon developing a non-narrative series of images and ideas, which can be visualized further into a series or a book. 


Developing Digital Illustration 

This course is aimed at those who may already have a basic knowledge of Adobe software and wish to develop their skills and approaches by applying them to a range of Digital Illustration projects.

Students will develop a working knowledge of contemporary illustration techniques, including digital drawing and painting, and learn how digital media can be used to enhance an existing illustrative / artistic practice.


Art Practice: Applying Research Methods

This course explores practical research methods in an Art practice, encouraging exploration and experimentation to develop a student's personal visual language. Through studio-based one to one teaching, and consisting of short projects, field trips, workshops and talks, students will deepen and broaden their engagement between their ideas and studio practice.


Wire Jewellery

Wire is a great material to use for jewellery making. It creates light and flexible pieces and allows much larger and more sculptural results. During this course, you will learn how to use basic tools, manipulate wire of varying thicknesses, twist wire, make jump rings, chains, catches and ear wires. You will make a set of hanging earrings and a bracelet and will be encouraged to develop a creative approach to designing and making your own simple and complex projects.


Contemporary Watercolours: An Introduction

This course will introduce students to a sequential series of watercolour exercises, through personal and point-of-reference projects. Explored through a range of approaches and techniques, relevant to each medium, students will develop an understanding for the potential for watercolours, inks and gouache, discovering the qualities of each and how they can be worked both independently and in harmony with one another.



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