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Q&A with Short Courses French Tutor

Short Courses French Tutor Marion Millet gives us more details about her 10-week French courses beginning in October.

Have you always wanted to take French? Or perhaps you've picked it up here and there and would like to take your conversational skills to the next level? This term, we're offering a variety of French levels to choose from, which you can view on our website.

This week we're focusing on one of our more advanced French courses available this autumn as we speak to our Short Courses French Tutor Marion Millet about what to expect from French Upper Intermediate 6.

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What is the main aim of your language course?

To be able to interact with ease with native speakers and give an opinion on a variety of topics of interest. To understand texts, audio and video aimed at native speakers and develop confidence when speaking. We also try to consolidate any previously acquired languages and put it into practice.

What part of the course do students tend to enjoy the most?

We focus on speaking and responding to a variety of media. Everyone is encouraged to speak and discuss their opinion. A lot of students attending the class travel regularly to France or are in contact with native speakers.

How will the remotely taught course be of a similar standard to the on-campus version?

Content and homework will be the same: a mix of coursebook texts, vocabulary and exercises with online articles, audio and videos.

Students will be encouraged to write in the chat whenever needed and will be able to raise their hand either with the digital tool or on camera if they want to participate or ask questions. I will be available by e-mail for more personal queries.

In terms of opportunities for interaction with fellow students, how will the course be similar to the classroom experience?

The class will be regularly broken into small private groups to allow as much speaking time as possible. Role plays will take place in these small groups with a summary to the rest of the class and tutor afterwards for feedback and corrections. I will share screen to help students follow the texts or exercises and I will write on the digital whiteboard.

What transferrable skills might students acquire by taking your language course?

Gaining confidence in speaking the language and striking a conversation with native speakers. Ability to understand and discuss up-to-date topics in French and being aware of modern French culture. I give optional homework and regular writing exercises for learners who want to improve their writing skills.

Do you have any examples of achievements that former students from the course have gained?

A few have moved to France. Some have taken DELF exams.

In terms of workload, about how many hours a week will students be expected to put in?

Outside class times, homework can take 30-60 minutes to complete. There is also extra homework that is optional. Some students do not have the time to do homework and it is understandable – they will be encouraged to try and participate during correction but they will not be put on the sport if they do not want to.


Our courses do not follow the traditional school format: you will be encouraged the speak as much as possible, learn about modern and relevant topics and get to know people in your class who all want to speak the language and it is much more fun! There are no tests and questions are encouraged – the pace is adapted to the overall ability of the class.

-Short Courses French Tutor Marion Millet

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