Short Courses

Get Out and About this Spring

Get out and about this Spring with a course that includes a field trip element!

A variety of our Short Courses have field trip elements or take place in external venues such as the National Museums or National Galleries of Scotland or the National Portrait Gallery - all located in the city centre. 

So, whether you want to take a course at the university campus, an external venue or want to explore your subject in the great outdoors, we have a choice of courses and locations to suit everyone! 


Here's a few courses that will allow you to get out and about this Spring...  

Earth Science Field Trips

After a short preparatory session, this course ventures out to five superb field sites to explore geology in the field. You will investigate extinct volcanoes, tropical coral reefs, and the mangled strata of mountain building.  


Paleontology in the Field

Students will learn how to find fossils and how to record their finds properly using a field notebook. You will also learn how to package and transport their finds for correct labelling.


Discovering Decorative Arts at the National Museums 

This vibrant course will introduce the magnificent decorative arts collections within the National Museum of Scotland. You will explore the historical developments of decorative arts and how they have influenced modern methods and techniques used to create many beautiful objects on display in the museum.


Discovering French Arts at National Galleries of Scotland

Examine the National Galleries’ collections of French visual arts by key artists such as Matisse, Tanguy and Picasso. Expand your visual skills and knowledge by looking at the work of French artists from the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 


Scotland and Slavery:  A Visit to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

On this one day course  you’ll use displays at the National Portrait Gallery to stimulate discussion about slavery and its place in Scotland’s past.  Individual portraits and medallions will be used as case studies to illustrate particular aspects of Scotland’s involvement with slavery.