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Courses in the Arts for Term 3

Term 3 is open for booking and here's some courses in the Arts for you to consider...

If you fancy getting creative this spring, then consider taking a subject in the Arts.

We have lots of courses across art, design and music so you're sure to find something you'll love.


Top picks:

Art – The Dynamics of Landscape: Movement and Change

Students will research and develop a body of work based on ideas about the landscape, informed by researching a range of ‘dynamic’ systems of the natural world. A combination of sketches and notes on land forms and abstract patterns will inspire a new perspective on responding to the landscape.


Design - Children's Picture Books: The Art of Visual Narrative

Through a series of practical exercises and workshops the students will explore aspects of creating a picture book, from research and initial concept to the final artwork. Students will have the opportunity to develop their own illustrative style to create a successful and engaging picture book narrative.


Music - Ten Centuries of Classical Music (Online)

Ten centuries of classical music in ten weeks, beginning at the time music notation was invented, around 1000CE. A bird’s-eye view of 1,000 years of classical music; medieval to modern, Perotin to Part. The beginnings of written music; changing styles for voices and instruments; how does recording affect our view of music history?


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