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Meet our New Ukrainian Teaching Fellow

Learn Ukrainian this term!

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Ukrainian for the 2023/24 term and classes are available to book now.

Find out about our new teacher Yana Proskurkina below and why she is passionate about the language - and why you should take her class!

Meet Yana Proskurkina our new Teaching Fellow


My name is Yana Proskurkina. I am originally from Ukraine, and I am a teacher of Ukrainian as a foreign language.

I'm happy to be here at the University of Edinburgh to introduce the Ukrainian language programme that will help you to discover the beauty of the Ukrainian language and the enchanting world of Ukraine, the country about which there is so much in the news nowadays.

You might have never thought of studying the Ukrainian language, but you should! This language will unlock new opportunities for your career. Ukraine's connections with the international community, deepening of collaboration on multiple levels and the demand for foreign professionals in the post-war rebuilding process make speaking Ukrainian essential for your career prospects. You will also learn more about the historical, political, and social contexts that shape Ukraine's current situation. 

Tell me more about how I can learn Ukrainian?

Our courses are specifically designed to fit different learners’ needs. Whether you're a professional working on personal growth, a student who loves languages or a learner who is interested in broadening horizons, our courses are made for you.

Our evening Ukrainian courses provide a good opportunity to have a flexible and enjoyable learning experience without the pressure of earning academic credits. You can learn to speak, understand and write Ukrainian and, at the same time, discover a whole new world of literature, poetry, and music in the Ukrainian language. You might want to listen to the legendary “Carol of the Bells” (“Shchedryk”) in its original language, Ukrainian. I will be happy to share the cultural heritage of my country with you.

We also offer credit courses in the Ukrainian language for undergraduate or postgraduate students who wish to develop their language skills and cultural understanding while enhancing their academic credentials and career prospects. 

Давайте вивчати українську разом!  (Let's learn Ukrainian together!)  

Whatever your reason to learn Ukrainian, I promise you won't regret your decision.

I will guide you through the learning process, ensuring that you progress quickly and effectively.

My focus is to get students communicating in Ukrainian as quickly as possible. I believe students learn a language best by using it. We will explore various topics subjects, including current events, culture, society, and personal experiences. You will develop essential skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing, with a strong focus on practical usage.

Давайте вивчати українську разом!  (Let's learn Ukrainian together!)  

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