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Social Anthropology in March and April

There's still time to study social anthropology this spring!

About Dr Morna Finnegan

Dr Morna Finnegan is a social anthropologist and mother and has been the Social Anthropology Teaching Fellow at COL since 2018.

What is social anthropology?

Morna Finnegan

The stories we tell matter, especially the collective stories, and especially those available to us in moments of crisis. How do we gain perspective on the social and political reality through which we routinely navigate, without alternative models? The ability to contrast our own personal or cultural position and experience with diverse (often radically different) positions and experiences, changes not only our way of seeing but, ultimately, our ability to respond and make informed choices. 

At its most basic, social anthropology introduces us to the astonishing kaleidoscope of alternative human realities. 

Why should we take a short course?

If you’re considering taking social anthropology and wondering if your previous experience is relevant, Dr Morna says "If you’ve lived in any kind of social setting – if you’ve had experience of birth, childhood, puberty, work, relationships, education, religion, gender or aging – you’re prepared!"

We are all, to some extent, anthropologists.  Most of us travel through the detail of our personal and local lives with questions about ‘the bigger picture’. Perhaps you’ve been asking these questions for a long time, or perhaps the Covid era has raised them to the surface.  No subject offers us insight into or a sense of perspective on the bigger picture like social anthropology, where the frame expands to incorporate the whole species, in its dazzling diversity.  Thomas Eriksen has claimed that ‘anthropology should have changed the world’.  Come find out why!

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If this sounds like something you would like to explore further, we still have courses available to start in March and April 2023:

Social Anthropology: Participant Observation, March

An Intro to Social Anthropology, April