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Love Language?

Did you know that learning a language can help keep your brain healthy?

Research has shown that studying languages can:

  • heighten concentration
  • improve conversational abilities
  • develop creativity, reasoning and problem-solving skills
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And these are just some of the benefits…

Learning another language broadens who you can communicate with as well as opening doors to travel, other cultures, books, films, art and music.

And above all, learning a language is fun!

The University’s Centre for Open Learning offers a large and diverse range of short courses in language. Our courses are open to everyone from aged 16 and up, with or without prior knowledge of the language.

From Arabic to Norwegian, whether you’ve always dreamed of learning a language, want to refresh your skills or become a more confident speaker, there really is something for everyone!

Our welcoming tutors are experts in the language they teach, and our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds, each with varying motivation for learning a language; family reasons, personal development or career advancement, to name a just a few!

Our online classroom is engaging, interactive and stimulating with task-based learning that focuses on listening and speaking.

Booking for our 2021/22 language Short Courses is now open! 


If you're interested in a sneak peek of what it's like to take a Short Course in Languages (or any other subject area), there are still spaces available on our FREE Short Courses taster sessions.

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