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Then don't miss out on booking for our 2021/22 Term 1 Short Courses!  Term 1 classes run online between late September and December and booking closes 8 days before each course starts.

Whether you're a beginner, or returning to a subject you love; looking to get a taster of something over a few hours or immerse yourself in learning over a number of weeks, there really is something for everyone! But, if you're spoiled for choice, here’s some of our top picks for the term ahead…


Female Filmmakers in Focus | Wednesday 29 September | 10 weeks

This is your chance to learn more about some of the remarkable and ground breaking women behind the camera. You’ll look at the careers and study the landmark films of directors including Scottish film director Lynne Ramsay and New Zealand-born director Jane Campion who was the first female filmmaker in history to receive the Palme d’Or.

With each set of films you’ll look their shared stylistic concerns, repeated motifs and signature themes and discuss colour, music, narrative structures and favoured genres.

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Earth Science: An Introduction (Course 1) | Thursday 30 September | 10 weeks

Geology is a broad and fascinating subject covering a wide spectrum of scale, from the whole planet down to a grain of sand and even into the atomic in the ages of rocks and minerals.

This course will take you on a journey from Earth’s cosmic neighbourhood to the planet’s interior and back up on to its surface via plate tectonics, volcanism, metamorphism and sedimentary processes to develop an understanding of how the Earth works.

You’ll gain the skills and insight to read and interpret the land around you and see features in the landscape that may have passed you by beforehand.

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Listening to Music | Thursday 30 September | 6 weeks

For many of us, listening to music is one of life’s most simple and treasured pleasures.

This course will help you to elevate that experience as you begin to develop an understanding for listening to music by exploring (predominantly classical) musical examples. Through discussion you’ll separate out the ingredients of music such as melody, harmony, dynamics, timbre, words and concepts, and consider how they combine to make the music we hear.

A treat for your ears!

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Understanding Economics | Monday 27 September | 10 weeks

Ever wondered how economists arrive at their opinions about social and political issues? If so, this could be the one for you…

This course will introduce you to the fundamental premises of economics and help you understand theoretical approaches by linking them to every day. You’ll cover microeconomics, which focuses on the behaviour of individuals, and macroeconomics which studies the economy as a whole. You’ll also have the chance to debate some of the limitations of mainstream economics and consider alternative approaches.

No prior knowledge is required – this course will start from scratch!

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And don’t forget we have an extensive range of Short Courses in languages on offer, suitable for absolute beginners or those that have studied and used the language for years. Our tutors are expert language teachers who are passionate about teaching you in your chosen language and courses focus on communication skills through task-based learning, with a particular emphasis on listening and speaking.

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