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Let's Explore - The Wonders of Science and Nature

COL offers a range of Science and Nature courses that are designed to challenge and inspire.

Why study Science and Nature?

Nature gives the opportunity for wonder, exploration, and investigation. Science helps our understanding of the world around us. Everything we know about the universe, from how trees reproduce to what an atom is made up of, is the result of scientific research and experiment.

Science is one of the oldest and most important academic disciplines, and covers a wide variety of subjects. From our knowledge of gravity to cutting-edge medicines, students of Science have shaped our modern world.

Science and technology play increasingly important roles in our lives so choose a short course and explore your preferred subject further in our new term in January.


DNA Profiling

DNA Profiling (sometimes called DNA fingerprinting) is a powerful identification tool. In this laboratory-based workshop, you will run DNA profiles on sheep DNA – and use the resulting profiles to solve a mystery!

Please note, this course takes place at the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre


Dolly, DNA and Me!

In this laboratory-based workshop you will get a chance to look at your own cells under the microscope, extract and bottle your own DNA and take it home!

Please note, this course will take place at the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre and will be taught by Jayne Quoiani.


The Biology of Birds: Communication and Reproduction (online)

Immerse yourself in the wonderful diversity of bird life. Study how birds have evolved the ability to sing intricate and beautiful songs in order to protect their territories and attract mates.


Geology of Scotland's Hills (online)

Scotland is renowned for its beautiful and varied mountain scenery. Look beneath the surface to discover a long and complex geological history that has produced a wide range of rock types in different locations. From the Northwest Highlands to the Southern Uplands, we’ll explore Scotland’s hills and discover the geological stories that make them unique.


Marine Biology and Ecology (online)

Learn about the formation of the earth and its oceans before focusing on a variety of ecosystems along with the biology and ecology of the creatures that live there.  Examine the bigger picture between the oceans and the atmosphere.



Of course, these are just some of the Science and Nature Short Courses on offer in 2022/23, click the button below and explore the full range…

Science and Nature Short Courses