Lifelong Learning (formerly Short Courses)

Curious About Our Courses?

We’re running FREE Info and Taster Sessions this autumn!

Thinking about taking a Short Course with us but keen to find out a bit more?

Maybe you’re wondering what it would be like to take an arts course online, what format our languages courses take or perhaps you need help deciding which humanities course is right for you.

Well, we are very excited to share that, for the first time, we are offering FREE online info and taster sessions in all of our subject areas.

In each hour-long session you’ll get a short overview of the subject area and hear about the structure of our courses. You’ll then have the opportunity to break out into virtual groups and learn more about the areas or languages you are specifically interested in as well as ask any questions you have. Where possible, you’ll also get the chance to experience some real-time learning and teaching.   

Sessions will be hosted by our friendly and welcoming academic team and, like our courses, are open to everyone.

We asked COL’s Head of Languages, Anxela Fernández Alonso what those who join a languages taster session should expect…

The language taster sessions, as well as our language courses, are very dynamic and interactive. The aim is to give you an overview of the structure of a language class and to show how much you can learn in less than an hour. We focus on communication in the target language and by the end of the session our goal is that you’ll be able to introduce yourself and share some information about yourself in your chosen language.

And Head of Arts, Oliver Reed told us…

The art, design and music session will aim to give you an insight as to the structure of our courses to assist developing your creative aspirations, allowing you to focus more on the creativity rather than the technology! The information session will give you an overview of how we conduct weekly, live, group and individual meeting sessions with your tutor and how all your course information, tasks and activities are available online allowing you to work through the course materials in your own time, week-by-week.

Spaces are limited so click the button below for more info and book today! 

Short Courses Info & Taster Sessions