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Let's Explore...Females in Film, Fiction and Philosophy

Discover the contributions of remarkable and ground-breaking women across a range of our Short Courses in Humanities.

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich famously said that “well-behaved women rarely make history.”

Throughout history, women have broken down barriers and helped to increase equitable access for women, particularly minority women, in fields such as sociology, economics, anthropology and more. Their literature has transgressed generations and their contributions to their respective fields continue to help develop opportunities for present generations.

Discover the contributions of remarkable and ground-breaking women behind the camera, the typewriter and modern philosophical thinking in some of our exciting short courses, starting January 2023.


Short Courses

Female Filmmakers in Focus

Learn more about remarkable and ground-breaking women behind the camera. Over 10 weeks we will examine the works of five acclaimed female directors, discuss their careers, formal styles and thematic concerns.  


Angels and Androgynes – Fantastical Beings in Modern Fiction

The mundane reality of modern life has created a desire among writers and readers for characters who break all the rules – defying our normal categories of gender and age, nature and sexuality. From the Modernists of the early 20th century to the Urban Goth fantasists of today, we’ll explore this richly subversive theme.


Women in Philosophy

The course examines the depth of women’s contribution to the Western tradition in philosophy. It will focus on the work of major figures of the recent past such as Susan Stebbing, Elizabeth Anscombe and Mary Midgley, and contemporary philosophers such as Rae Langton and Susan Haack.


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