Lifelong Learning (formerly Short Courses)

Let's Explore...Theatre

Take to the stage and discover a range of short courses which explore theatre!

The study of theatre engages students in an exploration of the world from multiple perspectives, while developing artistic skills and cultivating capacities for collaboration, critical-thinking and effective communication.

If the world of theatre is a passion of yours, then we have a variety of short courses across a range of subject areas that you're sure to love!

Our new theatre course, taught at the Lycceum is just one of the ways you can explore all aspects of the world of theatre. Read on for more inspiration!


Short Courses

Write a Short Play 

Want to write a play, but don’t know where to start? This ten week course introduces the basic premises of playwriting and supports participants to write either a short play or a first act through teaching, lively discussions and engaging, practical exercises.


COL at The Lyceum: An Introduction to Theatre 

Through a mixture of lectures, talks, tours and practical workshops, students will learn about modern theatre programming and production.


Classic European Theatre 

This course will examine the great heroes (and heroines) a of key dramatic texts from the Ancients to the beginning of the 20th Century.


An Introduction to Comedy 

Most, if not all, of the plays we will discuss have been reinvented and reinterpreted on stage and on film or the TV. And our approach to Comedy will include and actively encourage the critical reflection of those reinterpretations as they can provide us with further ways of understanding, enjoying and including comedy in our realities.


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