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Changes To Our 21/22 Languages Courses

We're making some changes to our 21/22 Short Courses in languages. Read on to learn how they will be evolving...

With some Covid-19 restrictions likely to remain in place for a while yet, we will continue to offer our languages courses online in Term 1 of the 2021/22 programme. However, in response to your feedback, and building on our experiences of this past year of learning and teaching, we've decided to make a few improvements. 

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Here’s a quick roundup of the changes:  

1. We're making a small change to the course names, to better represent the progression we offer. Beginners 1 will become Beginners Step 1, Beginners 2 will become Beginners Step 2, and so on. As always, we’ll be able to offer language level assistance if needed.


2. We’re tweaking the format for Beginners to Upper Intermediate level courses. Classes will now last 90 minutes without a break, and will focus on interaction in the target language and small group work.


3. At all levels, students will have more opportunities to practice and consolidate their language skills through exercises that can be done outwith the classroom, at home, independently or with fellow students (this is often called autonomous learning). A range of engaging interactive tasks will be offered online by your teachers to support this.


4. The change to class length means that we’ll now be able to offer a choice of two evening classes a day. Classes will run from 5.30-7pm and from 7.15-8.45pm. Please note, our advanced (and beyond) courses will be keeping the same time format as before, due to the requirement for longer interactions, debates etc. 


Our Term 1 2021/22 courses will be available for booking from 12 July 2021 - further information on that coming soon! To learn more about our language courses, browse the FAQ section below.


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