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Touch Up Your Tech Skills This Summer!

We've teamed up with our partners over at the University of Edinburgh's uCreate Studio to bring you two online courses this August.

Looking to dip your toe into digital modelling? This August we’re offering two different workshops to give you a taster into this tech savvy method.

Both day courses take place online and are supported by the award winning team (and our partners) at uCreate Studios.

uCreate 3D modelling


uCreate Introduction to 3D Modelling with Blender (Online)

Would you like to develop your digital 3D modelling skills? This morning workshop allows you to get hands on and create your own 3D virtual sculptures.

You’ll also learn all about the Blender platform – a software that allows you to create, manipulate and render physical objects into a ‘photo-realistic’ 3D digital image.

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uCreate Introduction to Photogrammetry (Online)

If you’re wondering what exactly photogrammetry is, it’s the process of taking a series of 2D photographs of an object and turning it into a 3D digital model. This can then be 3D printed, sculpted or converted for use in computer games and shared online.

Scientists are also increasingly using this form of technology to provide a record of large objects that cannot be moved for example in dinosaur track sites and archaeological remains.

In this course, you’ll learn all about this method, and how to do this with your smart phone.

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To meet the team and learn more about the University of Edinburgh's uCreate Studio, visit the link below:

uCreate: Meet the Makers


If you'd rather take another course (including an outdoor in-person one), see what else is available this August.

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