Short Courses

Get Creative This Spring

Get creative this Spring and take a Short Course in the Arts.

We have a variety of inspiring courses spanning art and design, creative writing, film and media and music.

So whether you have ambitions to write a book, want to take a beginners life drawing class or attempt a screen play for the stars, we're sure to have you covered.

Our Short Courses will allow you to spark your imagination while learning new skills. 


Screenwriting 1: An Intro to Film and TV

Join us for this lively and interactive online course which will explore the process of script development and writing, from idea to script.

Beginners Portraiture

Always wanted to create striking and unique portraits? Working from life models, students will be taught how to look and record the form and character of the human head. 

The World of Opera

Come along and discover the joy of opera! This introduction will look at the development of opera from its origins to the present day.

Beginners Life Drawing

This course is particularly suitable for those with little experience as well as those with some experience of drawing.  This course is highly recommended for those keen to increase their confidence in working with the figure in isolation or as part of more complex compositions.

Developing Artists' Books

This course will enable students to focus on developing a personal visual content and ideas within the wider context of the ‘book form’.  Printmaking and mixed media techniques will be used as a way of generating ideas to develop into artists' books. 


Explore our full range Short Courses and remember - booking closes 8 days before the course starts!

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