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Five Reasons to Learn German in 2022

Thinking of taking up a new language in the new year?

Short Courses Languages Teaching Fellow, Susanne Tauber, rounds up some reasons why learning German is a great choice and why it should be at the top of your New Year's resolutions list in 2022!

Susanne Tauber in front of Pillnitz Castle near Dresden in Germany

1. Easy European Travel

There are 51 official world heritage sites in Germany. It’s a place of medieval towns, thousands of castles and sites of historical interest. Despite it being a highly populated country with large cities, a third of the country is covered in forest. There is an extensive train network which makes it easy and comfortable to explore.

Having language skills while travelling will make you feel much more relaxed and confident. With some basic German phrases, you will be able to order food, shop, ask for help, make travel arrangements, and connect with people more easily. Even though many Germans are happy to switch to English, not everyone is able to do so and people really appreciate someone making the effort to speak the official language.

2. Expand Your Cultural Horizons

German is the language of philosophy, classic literature and music. Why not attempt reading one of the classics in the original version? If that’s not your cup of tea, there's an abundance of more contemporary German films and TV shows to binge your way through.

Listening to German songs is another great way to make learning the language easier. You might even find a new favourite band!

For art lovers, a trip to Kassel during summer 2022 will give you the chance to see Documenta fifteen, a modern art exhibition held every five years. If you're craving a bit of history, Berlin’s Museum Island is always worth a visit too.

3. Excellent Education System

At most public universities, tuition for undergraduate students is free or very low cost, which has made it a popular destination for students from all over the globe. The country is renowned for its reputable Science and Engineering degrees, which can open the door to great job opportunities.

Most degrees are taught in German and might require proof of German language skills when applying. If you are only visiting for a term or two and are part of an international degree programme you might not need this, but it would be hugely beneficial to making your year abroad a success. The German Academic Exchange Service can assist you with planning your stay. 

4. Broaden Your Work Opportunities

Germany has the world’s fourth biggest economy and is an important trade partner around the globe. Having German language skills will boost your employability, as foreign language skills have become a top priority for many employers with German being high on the wish list. On top of being able to communicate with your business partners, you gain transferable skills, intercultural awareness and confidence.

Besides Germany being the largest European economy, German is also the most common first language in the EU with around 100 million native speakers and many more who speak it as a second language. Due to an ageing population and a sinking birth rate there is now a shortage of qualified workers. To fill these positions, Germany needs around 400,000 people to move there from abroad each year. If you have a qualification in healthcare, IT and communications, engineering or if you are a skilled tradesperson you have excellent chances of securing a job in Germany. Interested? Find more information here.

5. It’s Good for Your Health and Wellbeing!

And finally, learning a foreign language is great for brain health and mental flexibility! It improves concentration and studies have shown that it can fend off dementia for up to five years in some cases. Learning another language makes you reflect on how you and others see the world and even improves your understanding of your own language.

Our language classes also add a social dimension as you will be able to meet people with a shared interest and make new friends, too!


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