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There's still time to book a Short Course for May!

Term 3 is underway but there's still time to book a place on some of our courses that kick off in May.

Taking a short course can help uncover your career interests or hobbies so why not be brave and try something new!

We've pulled together a selection from a range of subjects that still have spaces available.


World Mythologies 

Mythology is a key feature of human culture around the globe and one through which key experiences are enshrined. This course focuses on the Graeco-Roman, Egyptian, and Near Eastern mythologies and approaches them from a comparative perspective (in particular Celtic, Germanic, Norse, and North-American myths).


Rock House: A Century of Photography

For a century Rock House, Edinburgh, was the studio of a succession of notable photographers. The course will explore their work and achievements, from the pioneering David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson in the 1840s, to Thomas Annan, Archibald Burns, Alexander Inglis, and his son Francis.

This course includes a field trip - a visit to Rock House and Calton Hill.


Masterclass - Preparing for Publication Online

This course is for writers and creative writing students who want to make the leap into publishing their work. It focuses on key skills to give emerging authors the best chance to get noticed and includes a Q&A panel with industry professionals.


Scotland and Slavery - A visit to the National Portrait Gallery

This History taster uses displays at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery to stimulate discussion about slavery and its place in Scotland’s past. Individual portraits and medallions will be used as case studies to illustrate particular aspects of Scotland’s involvement with slavery.

There's still space on our course on Wednesday 17th May.


Literature of Slavery and the American Civil War

Discover how literary texts of the American 19th century explored ideals of freedom, equality, and democracy in the shadow—or through the lived experience—of race-based slavery. Writers developed new forms of prose and poetry to reflect their country’s contradictions, and to imagine a nation healed after the Civil War.


American Politics

This course explores the current political landscape of the United States. Students will learn about key institutions of the political system and the issues that will shape the mid-term election 2022.


We will be running Summer Language classes so keep your eyes peeled for details on our social media!

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