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Talking Italian - Reasons To Visit

Short Courses Languages Teaching Fellow, Marianna Sepe Remmouche, gives an insight into why visiting Italy (and learning Italian) is a must in 2022.


Marianna was born in Napoli, one of the most iconic southern Italian cities and has taught Italian since 2009. She joined the University of Edinburgh in 2018 and has been with us ever since. In her own words “Teaching Italian is my passion and, my mission is to share my love for Italy with all the world!”

Italian is a major European language and around 85 million people around the world speak it.

And if you need any more convincing, Marianna tells us below exactly why you should go and visit...


I could spend hours telling you that Italy is the country of the beauty itself, of the art, of the best food in the world, of the fashion, of the landscape, of la dolce vita, and that Italian is the most romantic language you ever speak. But, that would be a cliché, so instead I will try to tell you why a visit to Italy this year would be a great idea - especially if you speak some Italian.

  1. Italy is widely known as an open sky museum, where walking around a city can become a moment where culture and art meet each other, where a stroll along the high street means walking along the colosseum, the Vatican or Piazza San Marco surrounded by water.
  2. Food! Who doesn’t love Italian food? Italian food is the most appreciated and copied food in the all world, and I believe that eating a proper and original Italian dish is something everybody should do at least once before dying. Think about Pizza Margherita and the vibrant and folkloristic atmosphere of the city where pizza was invented…Napoli.
  3. The coast! Italy offers a wonderful coastline, full of beautifully preserved fishing villages and islands. The Amalfi Coast to name one, with Positano and Sorrento, which offer the opportunity to visit historical beauty spots like Pompei and Ercolano. Places where ancient and modern architecture play together and reshape the social life of the locals.
  4. The people! Italians are the most friendly, loud and alive people you can ever hope to meet. You will fall in love with how we enjoy little things, such as a coffee espresso after lunch, a walk in the sun during our lunch break, and our socialising - all based on eating a nice meal, drinking a wonderful red wine surrounded by our friends and family.


Become part of a vibrant, traditional, and modern culture and experience it speaking Italian – you’ll feel, for a while, an active part of one of the best movies you ever watched.

So…what are you waiting for?

Have you booked your term 3 place for Italian Beginners Step 1?

A presto! (See you soon).