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Get Out In Nature This Spring!

If you're hoping to explore the outdoors this spring, these Term 3 courses provide a range of skills and knowledge to better equip you on your adventures.

With the days getting longer and the current restrictions beginning to ease up, it’s a great excuse to explore the outdoors. We’ve put together some Term 3 courses (starting in April) to help you get to know your natural surroundings.

From polishing up your photography to learning about the vast array of birds in your area, these online Short Courses will help you make the most of spring in Scotland (or from afar!).

outdoors short courses


Introduction to Digital Photography (Online)

Always wanted to take a photo like a pro? Scottish award-winning photographer Alicia Bruce will show you the ropes of working with a digital camera in this introductory course. From  developing both your photographic visual skills and language to editing with Photoshop, there will also be dedicated on-to-one time with your tutor to check in on your projects.

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The Biology of Birds: Evolution, Flight and Migration (Online)

Become acquainted with the vast range of diverse bird life in this four-week course with Science and Nature Teaching Fellow Sue Lewis. From evolution to migration, you’ll also learn about the modern classification methods used by scientists to distinguish different types of birds.

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The Dynamics of Landscape: Movement and Change (Online)

This 10-week art course is a great way to get hands on with the natural world. In the course, which employs a range of drawing approaches, you’ll develop a body of work about the landscape by researching a range of the earth’s ‘dynamic’ systems. Materials you’ll work with include rock, soil and micro-organisms in addition to atmospheric conditions.

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Gaelic Language Courses (Online)

What about learning Scotland’s ancient language this spring? There’s no better way to connect with the land than to speak the country’s original mother tongue. From Beginners 3 to Elementary and Intermediate Gaelic, there are a range of levels available this April.

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Intro to Adobe Photoshop (Online)

If you know how to work a camera, but need help polishing your pics, this digital editing course will help you spruce up your photos. Whether it’s working with layers, colour and paint features or importing and exporting images, our Digital Media Teaching Fellow Myria Christophini Njenga will guide you through this introductory course.

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As the booking deadline is eight days before the course start date, this is the last week to book onto our spring courses, so book away! As always, this is just a small sample of what's available this April.


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