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Q&A with Short Courses Dutch Tutor

If you're looking to improve your Dutch language skills, Claire van Wengen shares more about what to expect from her Dutch Short Courses.

Are you interested in progressing your Dutch speaking skills in the new year? We have a variety of levels available (starting in January) for those who have already learned some of the basics - and with our Term 2 online format, you can join us from anywhere in the world!

Lead Dutch Tutor Claire van Wengen tells us more about what to expect from her language courses.

You can browse and book our Dutch courses here. 

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Hi Claire! What Dutch courses are you teaching in Term 2?

 I will be teaching Dutch Beginners 2, Elementary 1, Elementary 4, Intermediate 1. All will be take place over Zoom and begin in January 2021.

Not sure which level you'd be? You can browse our guide to language levels here.


What is the main aim of your language courses?

The main aim is to be able to communicate in Dutch. People should take my courses if they would like to be able to understand and speak Dutch.


What do students tend to enjoy the most about learning Dutch?

People love speaking Dutch and having the same goal. It creates a huge sense of fun and friendship.


How will the course be of a similar standard taught remotely to in classroom?

We will focus on creating the group feeling which is so important: a feeling of enjoyment and trust. We will use the breakout rooms on Zoom. The advantage is that these are randomly assigned so you constantly get to interact with different people which often doesn’t happen in the classroom.


What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking a course in your language?

I would encourage people to use this time to learn/improve their Dutch. It is ideal as there are lots of other things which we can’t do but actually learning  a language online works really well.


What transferrable skills might students acquire by taking your language course? 

Former students have gained huge satisfaction and confidence as well as improving their interaction and cooperation skills.


In terms of workload, about how many hours a week will students be expected to put in?

Students will be expected to spend around 2 hours a week as well as the class time.

People are always surprised how much fun it is. It is the same every year!

-Short Courses Dutch Tutor Claire van Wengen

There are still places available for our Dutch courses beginning in January.

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