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Q&A with Short Courses Japanese Tutor

From plenty of interaction with fellow students to support resources available, Nana Barker discusses what her Term 1 Japanese course will look like.

If you've been wanting to pick up Japanese or continue your speaking skills in the language, now's your chance. Our Japanese courses start next week and there are a variety of levels on offer.

Today, we'll be focusing on Short Courses Japanese Tutor Nana Barker's Japanese Beginners 1 course - beginning next Thursday. 

Nana Barker Short Courses Japanese Tutor

Kon'nichiwa Nana! What is the main aim of your language course?

To meet each student’s needs by providing a fun learning environment for all. You will meet people from different backgrounds and can share interests and ideas.

What part of the course do students tend to enjoy the most?

Students not only enjoy learning Japanese but also meeting new people with similar interests.

How will the remotely taught course be of a similar standard to the on-campus version?

All of the online lessons will be delivered to the highest standard, which is the same as being in the classroom. Students will have lots of opportunities to interact with eachother, which is very important when learning a new language.

In terms of opportunities for interaction with fellow students, how will the course be similar to the classroom experience?

Our technology and Zoom (break out rooms etc.) will make it possible for us to interact with each other virtually even though we are not in the same room physically.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about taking a course in your language?

If you're curious about Japanese language, please come join us! We will have fun learning and practicing Japanese together along with your fellow classmates!

What transferrable skills might students acquire by taking your language course?

No matter what the reason you are studying or you are interested in learning Japanese, I assure you that knowing the culture and being able to understand the language will enhance your opportunities and experiences.

Do you have any examples of achievements that former students from the course have gained?

My former students joined JET programme (working experience in Japan), passed their desired levels in JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and one was awarded a scholarship to study in Japan.

In terms of workload, about how many hours a week will students be expected to put in?

It depends on your schedule and more time being spent will be ideal but even 15 min a day (just under 2 hours a week) will take you a long way! The most important thing is that you continue learning and practice frequently.

What sort of support will be available to them?

Handouts, homework sheets, course plan and quizzes being posted on Learn each week will help you to follow a course schedule. Also, if you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our friendly class.

-Short Courses Japanese Tutor Nana Barker

The booking deadline for this course is this Wednesday 30 September at midnight, so book away!


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