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Scotland. A stunning mix of sprawling landscapes and bustling cities full of culture. 

Scotland is recognised around the world as a land of unrivaled history, breath-taking scenery and warm welcomes.  Take another look at the Scotland you think you know through the lens of history and archaeology with the help of our talented University of Edinburgh Short Course Tutors.


Explore Scotland's Fascinating History...

The Vikings of the North Atlantic

Explores the rich and varied evidence for the Scandinavian settlement of Scotland and the expansion into the North Atlantic.


Victorian Scotland

This course takes place at the National Museum of Scotland and students will use selected items from the myseum's collections as the basis for studying Victorian Scotland.


Pilgrimage in Late Medieval Scotland

A one-day course exploring the phenomenon of pilgrimage during medieval Scotland, using a variety of original sources and including insights into local sites and landmarks.


Scots and Britons

An investigation of the two early 'kingdoms' and peoples of first Millennium Scotland incorporating recent knowledge to better understand the eventual development of the Scottish nation.


Scotland and Slavery:  A Visit to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

On this one day course  you’ll use displays at the National Portrait Gallery to stimulate discussion about slavery and its place in Scotland’s past.  Individual portraits and medallions will be used as case studies to illustrate particular aspects of Scotland’s involvement with slavery.


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