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Transitions map

The interactive map has been produced as part of the University’s work on the student transitions Enhancement Theme. It is a snapshot in time of the wide variety of student transitions-related good practice which takes place across the University and aims to facilitate the sharing of this practice.

Student Transitions Interactive Map

Full and further information and resources can be found on:

·         Enhancement Theme wiki (EASE users only)*

·         Gearing up for Transitions 2015* and 2016*

·         Academic Transitions Toolkit (Institute for Academic Development)*

·         Enhancement Themes Conference Contributions: 2015* and 2016

·         Institute for Academic Development case studies wiki

* examples included in the map

Please note that in order to evenly distribute the resources throughout the map you will find:

  • In/through resources shared between the ‘in’ and ‘through’ circles, depending on the topic (they are not in both circles)
  • All through/out and in/through/out resources in the ‘out’ circle