Academic Services

Absences and concessions

Advice on support for students through leave of absence, interruptions and extensions, vacation and parental leave, withdrawal and exclusion.

Sometimes students may need to have time away from the University or from their studies. This section gives advice on ways the University can support students through a variety of situations that may impact on their study.

Leave of absence

When students need to conduct research away from Edinburgh. Considerations for student visa holders.

Interruptions of study

Authorised interruptions of study for students who are unable to study for a while.

Extensions of study

Extensions for exceptional circumstances: how to request an extension to the period of study and important considerations.

Adverse circumstances affecting studies and assessment

Support mechanisms for postgraduate research students experiencing circumstances that affect their ability to engage with their studies.

Withdrawal from studies

The process for voluntary withdrawal from studies.

Exclusion from studies

Circumstances where exclusion will be considered as an option.

Vacation, maternity, parental and other leave

Leave entitlement and the Student Maternity and Family Leave policy.