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Forms for Schools and Colleges

Student concessions requiring approval by Senate Academic Policy and Regulations Committee and University standard thesis examination and resubmission forms.

Student concessions

Student concessions for the approval of the Senatus Academic Policy and Regulations Committee (APRC).

Consent for use of student work

Procedure and form for obtaining consent for use of student course work as examplars.

 Examiner nomination

Degree submission - MSc by Research

Degree submission - Postgraduate research

Degree resubmission - Postgraduate research


Leave of Absence Request (less than 30 days)

A leave of absence is required where students undertake compulsory and optional activities related to, or part of, the programme of study away from campus in Edinburgh.  Examples of study related activity include conferences, workshops projects or placements, paid or unpaid placement activities including work placements, internships or other research activities.  This includes postgraduate research students who are completing research or are in the writing up stage of their dissertation and undertake study related activity away from campus.

Short Leave of Absence approval dashboard