Academic Services


Our team provides administrative support for the University’s senior academic committees, particularly the Senatus Academicus (Senate) and a number of its standing committees.

Senatus Academicus

The Senatus Academicus (Senate) is the University's supreme academic body.


News from the Senate Committees' Meetings

Researcher Experience

The Researcher Experience Committee (REC) is responsible for postgraduate research degree training, higher degrees and training provision for other early career researchers.

Learning and Teaching

The Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) is responsible, on behalf of the Senatus, for undergraduate, taught postgraduate and other forms of academic provision, apart from postgraduate research and higher degrees.

Curriculum and Student Progression

The Curriculum and Student Progression Committee (CSPC) is responsible for the academic regulatory framework.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) is responsible for the University's academic quality assurance framework.

Other committees

Senatus Exception Committee and joint Court and Senate committees.

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