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Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience

Information on the University’s work on a past Enhancement Theme.

The Enhancement Themes are selected by the Scottish higher education sector and they provide a means for institutions, academic staff, support staff and students to work together in enhancing the learning experience.

This Theme will consider: What information is useful to help us identify and understand what we do well and what could be improved? This information, which includes qualitative and quantitative evidence, can be used to identify the issues that would benefit from intervention, help prioritise interventions for improving the student experience, and evaluate the effectiveness of those interventions including reporting on the ways in which the student experience has been improved.

Enhancement Theme Information

More information on the current Enhancement Theme, “Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience” is available on the Enhancement Themes website and the University wiki:

Evidence for Enhancement - Enhancement Themes website

Evidence for Enhancement - wiki (internal)


 Institutional Lead

Professor Tina Harrison

Assistant Principal Academic Standards & Quality Assurance

  • Business School
  • University of Edinburgh

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29 Buccleuch Place

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Institutional Coordinator

Nichola Kett

Academic Services

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Institutional Team

Stephanie Vallancey Vice President Education, Edinburgh University Students’ Association Student Representative and member of TLG
Megan Brown Academic Engagement Coordinator Edinburgh University Students’ Association representative
Paula Webster

Head of Student Data and Systems

Student Systems representative
Professor Tina Harrison Assistant Principal Academic Standards and Quality Assurance Institutional Lead and member of Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee (SHEEC)

Melissa Highton

(Anne-Marie Scott)

Director (Head of Digital Learning Applications and Media)

(Deputy Director of Learning, Teaching and Web)

Learning, Teaching and Web representative
Lynda Hutchison Governance and Strategic Planner Governance and Strategic Planning representative
Dr Lisa Kendall Head of Academic and Student Administration for College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences representative
Nichola Kett Head of Quality and Enhancement Team, Academic Services Institutional Coordinator and member of the Theme Leaders’ Group (TLG)
Gillian Mackintosh Academic Policy Officer Academic Services representative
Dr Linda Kirstein College Dean, Quality Assurance College of Science and Engineering representative
Dr Claire Phillips Vet School Director of Quality College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine representative
Dr Jon Turner* Director Institute for Academic Development representative