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Information on Senate membership and Senate election procedures.

Senate membership 

Senate has positions for approximately 300 members. These are divided into:

  • 100 elected academic staff members (non-professorial)
  • 100 elected academic staff members (professorial)
  • 30 elected student members
  • Up to 80 ex-officio members (including Heads of Schools, Heads of College, Vice-Principals, Assistant Principals, and College academic staff nominees such as College Deans).

Senate is convened by the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Peter Mathieson.

Senate membership 2021/22

Senate elections

Senate elections are held under the Senatus Academicus (Senate) Elections Regulations. Elections for academic staff roles are held annually in semester 2.

Election of student members of Senate is managed by the Edinburgh University Students' Association. 

The Senate Election Regulations enact University Ordinance 212: Composition of the Senatus Academicus.


Senatus Assessors on Court

The Senatus elects from its membership two Senatus Assessors to serve on the University Court, of whom at least one must be a Professor and at least one a non-professorial member of the academic staff. The following Senate members are the current Senatus Assesors on Court:

  • Professor Sarah Cooper (2018-2022)
  • Dr Claire Phillips (2018-2022)

A joint Academic and Senate Assessor is also elected to Court. They are elected by academic staff, and are an ex officio member of Senate. The current joint Academic and Senate Assessor is:

  • Professor Fiona Mackay (2020-2024)