Academic Services

Forms for students

Course extension and special circumstances forms, thesis submission forms, non-standard degree application forms and withdrawal from studies information.

Special circumstances

You should consult your Personal Tutor or Student Support Team when completing this form. Completed forms are returned to your School.

Coursework extension request

You need to submit any requests for coursework extensions to your School before the deadline for the relevant coursework.

Authorised interruption of study request

You should discuss your application with your Personal Tutor, Programme Director, or Supervisor before you submit your request.

The below is a template form, which some Schools and Colleges have adapted. Please ask your Student Support Team or Graduate School to confirm which is the appropriate form for you to complete.

Thesis submission

What you need before submitting your thesis and when you submit your final thesis.

Before oral exam (pre-viva)

Degree applications

Postgraduate research and taught applicants apply online.

Online application isn't currently available for PhD by Research Publications and Higher degree applicants, so please use the forms below.

Withdrawal from studies

It is important that you speak with your personal tutor or supervisor if you're considering voluntary withdrawal from studies.

This form must be completed by any student choosing to withdraw.