Academic Services

Submitting an appeal

How to submit an appeal and how your appeal is considered by the University.

If you decide to submit an appeal you must complete the Student Appeal Form below and send it to Academic Appeals.

You must also read the Student Appeal Regulations. This document contains a detailed breakdown of the University’s Appeals Procedure.

For cases regarding decisions ratified prior to 1 August 2020:


For cases regarding decisions ratified on or after 1 August 2020:


Academic Appeals will acknowledge receipt of your appeal within one working day of you having sent it to us.

Appeal consideration

Referral to a sub-committee of the Student Appeal Committee

All appeals are considered by a sub-committee of the appeal committee. There are three possible outcomes from the sub-committee:

  • The appeal is not upheld
  • The appeal is referred back to the Board of Examiners
  • The appeal is referred to a full Student Appeal Committee meeting

Once the sub-committee outcome is available it will be sent to the student with a report containing the reasons for the decision.

Meeting of the Student Appeal Committee

In a very small number of cases, a meeting of the Student Appeal Committee may be required. A meeting, to which the student and relevant staff are invited, requires a significant amount of co-ordination, which can be time consuming. In such cases, we aim to conclude the process, and notify the student of the outcome, within 80 working days.

Final decision

The decision of the Student Appeal Committee, or sub-committee is final and there is no further opportunity for appeal against the decision within the University.

Although you may be dissatisfied or disappointed by the outcome of your appeal, it is not appropriate to send threatening or abusive communications to members of staff involved in the Appeals process.