Academic Services

After Approval

Steps to take after courses and programmes have been approved.

Ensure all course information inputted into the EUCLID course creation, approval and maintenance (CCAM) system is approved.

A new programme must be created on EUCLID so that students can apply.  This is sometime referred to as creating the programme code.  A New Programme Request form needs to be completed.  Some College Offices carry out this task on behalf of programme teams.  A Degree Programme Table needs to be created.

Programmes will be advertised on the University Degree Finder website.  College Office contact(s) will be able to advise on how a new entry to the Degree Finder website should be made.  When the Degree Finder entry is approved, the 'Apply Links' will go live and the programme will be open for applications.

Course creation, approval and maintenance information (EUCLID)