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Student engagement

Information for students on how to get involved in the University’s quality assurance framework.

Student engagement is crucial to the quality of the University's teaching and learning. By taking opportunities to be involved with quality processes like Internal Periodic Reviews, you are not only influencing your own period of study but that of future students.

Every degree programme across the University is reviewed on a six year cycle through the process of Internal Periodic Reviews. There are many ways that students can get involved in a review:

  • Student feedback, including feedback gathered through surveys, is considered by the review team carrying out the review. 
  • Discussions within your School/subject area about the review.
  • Meeting with the review team to discuss your experiences. 

Student Panel Members

Each review team includes a student member, who is a full member of the team. The student review team member is not reviewing their own programme, but is from another subject area within the University. Further information about becoming involved in these reviews is available from Edinburgh University Students' Association.

General guidance

Publications/useful links

QAA UK Quality Code for Higher Education: Student Engagement

sparqs ELIR Cycle 4 practice guide (pdf)

sparqs: A Student Engagement Framework for Scotland (pdf)