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Institutional work

Information on the Enhancement Themes work the University undertook.

Enhancement Themes Resources

A Prezi presentation outlining key resources produced by the University through the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme.

Prezi presentation (external site)

Enhancement Theme Information

More information on the  Enhancement Theme, "Student Transitions" is available on the Enhancement Themes website and the University wiki:

Student Transitions - Enhancement Themes website

Student Transitions - wiki (internal)

Activities and Events

Small Projects Funding

Funding from the Enhancement Themes budget was awarded to nine projects on the theme of 'student transitions' from across the University and EUSA.


Case Studies

The Institutional Team gatheed examples of good practice from across the University in the form of case studies to create an institutional map of student transitions-related activity. 

Transitions Map

Gearing up for Transitions 2015

The Induction Team and Academic Services hosted the annual Gearing Up event on Thursday 5th March 2015. In light of the current Enhancement Theme of Student Transitions the event had a broader focus than in previous years.

Gearing up 2015 resources.

Gearing up for Transitions 2016

The Induction Team and Academic Services hosted the annual Gearing Up event on Wednesday 2nd March 2016.

Gearing up 2016 resources.

Gearing up for Transitions 2017

The Induction Team and Academic Services hosted the annual Gearing Up event on Thursday 9th March 2017.

Gearing up 2017 resources

Enhancement Themes Annual Conference

The 12th annual conference and second international Enhancement Themes conference took place on 9 to 11 June 2015. The University contributed 14 presentations, two workshops and five posters.

Enhancement Themes wiki. (EASE login required)

The 13th annual Enhancement Themes conference took place on 9 June 2016.  The University contributed 10 sessions in total (one workshop, four presentations and five lightning talks).

Enhancement Themes wiki. (EASE login required)

The 14th annual conference and third International Enhancement Themes conference took place on 6 to 9 June 2017.  The University contributed 12 papers sessions, one panel session and two posters. 

Enhancement Themes wiki. (EASE login required) 

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with Edinburgh College (Student Experience Project)

A film was created that shows a project with Edinburgh College using a MOOC which combines work on community engagement and support for academic transitions.

Community Engagement and Support for Academic Transitions Film

AMOSSHE Insight project

MOOCs at The University of Edinburgh.

Adapting Well Student Website

A website was developed which contains information and resources to help students adapt well and get the best from their University experience. 

Adapting Well website.

Student Transitions – Staff Leaflet

A leaflet for staff outlining ten key ingredients of successful student transitions was developed.

Student transitions staff leaflet.

Institutional Lead

Professor Tina Harrison

Assistant Principal Academic Standards & Quality Assurance

  • Business School
  • University of Edinburgh

Contact details



29 Buccleuch Place

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Institutional Coordinator

Nichola Kett

Head of Quality Assurance and Enhancement Team

Contact details

Institutional Team

Responsible for: developing, coordinating and (where appropriate) delivering a programme of work relating to the Theme of Student Transitions; for communicating about Enhancement Theme developments within the constituency they are representing; and acting as key Enhancement Theme contact.

Professor Jeremy Bradshaw Assistant Principal Researcher Development Senatus Researcher Experience Committee Representative
Thomas Dalhuisen Academic Campaign Organiser Students' Association representative
Dr Morag Donaldson Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences College representative (CHSS UG)
Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson President, Students' Association Student representative
Dr Maurice Gallagher Biological Sciences College representative (S&E)
Patrick Garratt Vice President Academic Affairs, Students' Association Student representative
Professor Tina Harrison Assistant Principal Academic Standards and Quality Assurance Institutional Lead and member of Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee (SHEEC)
Dr Sarah Henderson CMVM College representative (MVM PGT)
Nichola Kett (Chair) Head of Quality and Enhancement Team, Academic Services Institutional Coordinator and member of the Student Transitions Theme Leaders’ Group (TLG)
Dr Phil Larkman Biomedical Sciences College representative (MVM UG) and Induction Strategy Group Chair
Tanya Lubicz-Nawrocka Academic Engagement Coordinator Students' Association representative
Gillian Mackintosh Academic Policy Officer Academic Services representative
Ali McDonald Assistant Head of International Student Advisory Service Edinburgh Global representative
Sarah Moffat Welfare and Equality Officer Students' Association representative
Professor Neil Mulholland Edinburgh College of Art College representative (CHSS PGT)
Jenni Murray Student Induction Coordinator Pre-arrival and Induction representative
Abby Shovlin Academic Transitions Adviser Institute for Academic Development representative
Dr Neil Speirs Senior Widening Participation Officer Student Recruitment and Admissions representative
Helen Stringer Assistant Director Careers Service representative
Dr Jenny Tait GeoSciences College representative (S&E)
Reserve members
Dr Pamela Docherty Mathematics College representative (S&E)