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Code of Student Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct sets out expectations for student behaviour and the procedures the University uses to resolve matters when students' behaviour is unacceptable.

The University expects all students to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in their day-to-day activities, including in their dealings with other students, staff, and external organisations. The University aims to deal with allegations of misconduct in a fair and consistent manner, following the procedures set out in the Code of Student Conduct.

Student conduct cases where investigation began on or after 1 August 2015 :

Frontline resolution

Staff can report allegations of student misconduct to their Head of School, Head of College, or the Head of the relevant service or Support Group. Where it is possible to resolve issues at the frontline, e.g. poor behaviour in University buildings, staff are empowered to intervene where it is safe to do so.

Conduct investigation

Where allegations are more serious, or require investigation to determine whether or not a breach has taken place, the relevant College, or Support Group will appoint a Conduct Investigator to gather evidence and reach a finding in the case. Where a breach is found to have occurred, the Conduct Investigator sends a report to either a Student Discipline Officer or the Student Discipline Committee for disciplinary action.


Precautionary action

Where allegations of misconduct raise immediate concerns for the safety and wellbeing of students or staff, the University can take precautionary action to protect the community, without prejudging the outcome of any investigation. This can involve imposing a partial or full suspension on a student or students. Where staff believe it may be necessary for the University to consider taking precautionary action, they should contact Academic Services.

Advice and support for staff

Academic Services provide advice and support to staff who have received, or are investigating, allegations of student misconduct. If you are unsure about what action to take, or where an allegation of misconduct raises concerns regarding the safety or wellbeing of students and staff, our staff can provide support. For contact details, please see the bottom of this page.

Advice for students

Students who are subject to action under the Code of Student Conduct, or wish to complain about the conduct of another student should contact The Advice Place, which is run by Edinburgh University Students’ Association. Staff at the Advice Place are professionals who are experienced in the University’s student conduct process.

The Advice Place

Allegations of sexual violence

The University has produced specific guidance for staff and students regarding support available to students who report sexual harassment or assault.

Guidance for staff

Guidance for students


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