Academic Services

Programme and Course Management

Our programme and course management processes.

Programme management

Responsibilities for programme management.

The Head of College is formally responsible for degree programmes. Within this overall responsibility each programme, and course within it, is owned by a particular School which ensures its management. The Head of School or Director of Teaching delegates responsibility for the management of a degree programme to a Programme Co-ordinator or Director (or equivalent).

Course management

Responsibilities for course management and information on course monitoring.

Course Organisers are responsible for individual courses within a School. The Head of School or Director of Teaching appoints Course Organisers to take responsibility for individual courses. The scope of the Course Organiser’s remit varies according to local School organisation, but in outline the Course Organiser is responsible for:

  • general course management
  • assessment and feedback
  • advising and supporting students on course-related matters
  • monitoring and reviewing courses
  • agreeing minor changes to courses

An outline of the course organiser role is available to download.

Programme and Course Monitoring, Review and Reporting

Programme and course monitoring, review and reporting processes