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Key Issues to Address in Proposals (Credit-Bearing)

Important things to consider and evidence.

The Programme and Course Approval and Management Policy requires that course and programme proposals (as appropriate for postgraduate research programmes) demonstrate evidence of consideration of various internal and external reference points, involve students, and (for programmes only) make use of external expertise.  The member of staff proposing the new programme or course (or changes to existing ones) is responsible for demonstrating that they have addressed these criteria in the documents presented to School and College committees for approval.

The use of internal and external reference points, student involvement and external expertise should be proportionate to the level of change being proposed.  For example, those proposing a minor change to an existing course would not be expected to have revisited those external reference points which are unaffected by the change (e.g. SCQF), whilst those proposing a wholly new programme would be expected to evidence careful consideration of internal and external reference points, extensive student involvement and thorough use of external expertise. 


Courses and programmes should be design to be accessible so they do not present any unnecessary insurmountable barriers to students with protected characteristics.   

Key Features of Proposals

Practical aspects which need to be demonstrated in the documentation.

Reference Points

Internal and External context for course and programme proposals.

Student Involvement

Contribution of students to programme and course design.

External Expertise (Programmes Only)

External expertise must be included in programme proposals.