Academic Services

Annual Monitoring, Review and Reporting

Processes for annual monitoring, review and reporting are in place across all credit-bearing provision and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and support systematic reflection and enhancement

Arrangements for 2022-23 Reporting

The streamlined approach to reporting has been retained for 2022-23 reporting, with core template questions focused on updates on previous actions, what worked well and areas for development. We have also introduced a new free text box to provide programmes/Schools/Deaneries the opportunity to reflect on issues specific to their local area which are not addressed elsewhere in the report. The School/Deanery level template also now includes a specific response box to ensure that reports capture reflections on postgraduate research (PGR) provision as standard.

When required, specific response boxes may be included in templates to ensure that updates on key institutional issues are covered in reports. For 2022-23 reporting we have asked for specific reflections on the following institutional priorities:

and the impact of the industrial action.

The School/Deanery level template also requires a reflection on student support arrangements.    

Reporting Templates

Revised annual quality report templates for 2022-23:

Annual Programme Monitoring

Schools carry out annual programme monitoring, implementing a process which meets both local contexts and institution-wide principles and uses standard data.  Schools will decide on the optimum clustering of programmes. All credit bearing courses offered by a School are included. All programmes are monitored annually.      

Revised annual quality report deadline for 2022-23: to be determined by School/Deanery

School Annual Quality Report

Schools report annually to Senate Quality Assurance Committee on key themes and actions from in-year monitoring, review and reflection, providing institutional oversight of issues and good practice.

School reports will inform the University’s annual report to the Scottish Funding Council. 

Revised annual quality report deadline for 2022-23: Monday 21 August 2023

College Annual Quality Report

Colleges will submit annual quality reports to Senate Quality Assurance Committee.

Colleges play a key role in supporting Schools’ annual monitoring, review and reporting processes.

Revised annual quality report deadline for 2022-23: Thursday 23 November 2023

Supporting Data

How to use the data dashboards and where to find information to support annual quality processes.