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Student Discipline Committee

The Student Discipline Committee hears and adjudicates upon individual cases of alleged breaches of the Code of Student Conduct.


The Student Discipline Committee consists of members of University staff and matriculated students. The Academic Policy and Regulations Committee (APRC) approves nominations for members. The Student Discipline Committee meets as and when required.

Membership (2022/23)


  • Professor Paul J. du Plessis (Convener)
  • Faten Adam
  • Lucy Gaunt
  • Professor Mark Harris
  • Alice Heatley
  • Jenny Hoy (Vice-Convener)
  • Alex Laidlaw
  • Isabel Lavers
  • Rupert Lezemore
  • Ailidh Mackay
  • Dr Chris Mowat


  • Leah Duncan-Karrim
  • Hannah Lytollis
  • Heather McAdam
  • Muhammad Tariq
  • Steve Anderson
  • Grayson Bartels
  • Gulce Baskaya
  • Aileen Cunningham
  • Lisa Jonasdottir
  • Giuseppe Mavuli
  • Daniel Ortega
  • Ishita Parakh
  • Alana Pradhan

Lead Secretary

Ailsa Taylor

Academic Policy Officer

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