Academic Services

Boards of examiners

Policy and guidance to support the operation of Boards of Examiners.

Handbook for Boards of Examiners

The Handbook for Boards of Examiners for Taught Courses and Programmes provides information regarding the remit of Boards of Examiners and the responsibilities assigned to key roles in their operation. It also includes guidance on key processes and timelines for Boards of Examiners, and minuting of meetings.


Further policy for Boards of Examiners

In addition to the Handbook, there are specific policies on External Examining, Undergraduate Progression Boards, and College Progression Boards for Optional Study Abroad.

Operational guidance

Guidance on internal moderation.

Special circumstances

Boards of Examiners have Special Circumstances Committees to consider individual cases. It is a student’s responsibility to report any special circumstances, including all relevant documentary evidence.