Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 12


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 12 cover


  • Sidney P Robertson, 'William Shearer Hewison – historian and author'
  • Charles McKean, 'The Scottish chateau'
  • Athol L Murray, 'Engravers to the mint of Scotland: James Clark and Joseph Cave, 1686-1756'
  • Mary E Robbins, 'Black Africans at the court of James IV'
  • David J Brown, 'The politicians, the revenue men and the Scots distillers, 1780-1800'
  • Ian Maitland Hume, 'Tartan and the wearing of the kilt as a mark of changing concepts of identity in contemporary Scotland'
  • Kaye McAlpine, 'Fair lists in Scottish almanacs'
  • Iain S Macdonald, 'Some Highland lawyers and their clients'
  • Marina Dossena, 'Sense, shortness and salt: ideas of Improvement in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century collections of Scottish proverbs'
  • Heather Holmes, 'Making the most of nature: the medicinal plant scheme'
  • James A Troup, 'Clestrain in Orphir – John Rae’s boyhood home'

Shorter Notes

  • John Burnett, 'Madam Rachel and the meat trade'
  • Alexander Fenton, 'Peat cutting in the Crombie Moss, Banffshire'
  • Iseabail Macleod, 'The Scottish National Dictionary Association at the turn of the century'
  • David Forsyth, 'Scotland and the world'