Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 17


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 17 cover


  • Adrian Cox, 'Medieval fairs and markets in Angus and Fife: a discussion of the documentary and artefactual evidence'
  • Forbes W Robertson, 'William Gibbs, Lord Seaforth’s Gardener, 1787-1812'
  • Heather Holmes, 'For the encouragement of agricultural improvement in Scotland in the 1780s: subscribers to the agricultural books of David Young'
  • Ian MacLachlan, '"The greatest and most offensive nuisance that ever disgraced the capital of a kingdom": the slaughterhouses and shambles of modern Edinburgh'
  • John Burnett, 'Small showmen and large firms: the development of Glasgow Fair in the nineteenth century'
  • James R Coull, 'The herring brand in Scotland 1809-1938: a controversial but necessary measure of quality control?'

Shorter Notes

  • Henry W Noble, 'The role of newspaper advertisements in the spread of the availability of dental treatment in Scotland'
  • Michael Montgomery and Anne Smyth, 'Progress report on the Ulster-Scots Academy'
  • Alexander Fenton, 'The Lesmahagow Farmers’ Club'