Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 2


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 2 cover


  • R K Marshall, 'The wearing of wedding rings in Scotland'
  • C S Seaton, 'The book designs of Talwin Morris (1865-1911)'
  • I G Brown, 'Plaister gimcracks: the handicraft of Allan Ramsay the poet'
  • A F Fraser, 'The plague in the grass (grass sickness in horses)'
  • C W J Withers, 'William Marshall, agricultural writer'
  • D G Adams, 'Notes on long-line fishing from Arbroath, Ferryden and Gourdon'
  • G Sprott, 'Who were the sailormen?'
  • A Fenton, 'Food on Sunday'
  • G Stell, 'Destruction, damage and decay: the collapse of Scottish medieval buildings'
  • P Robinson, 'Tenements: the industrial legacy'
  • D Bentley-Cranch, ' An early sixteenth-century French architectural source for the Palace of Falkland'
  • C R Wickham-Jones, 'A project in experimental archaeology: Avasj√∂ 1982'
  • D H Caldwell and Valerie E Dean, 'Post-medieval pots and potters at the Throsk in Stirlingshire'
  • H Cheape, 'Dr I F Grant (1887-1983): The Highland Folk Museum and a bibliography of her written works'