Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 13


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 13 cover


  • Elizabeth Gemmill, 'Signs and symbols in medieval Scottish trade'
  • Helen C Rawson, John Burnett and Anita Quye, 'The import of textile dyes to Scotland: the case of William Wilson and Son, tartan weavers of Bannockburn, 1780-1820'
  • Joyce Kay, 'From coarse to course: the first fifty years of the Royal Caledonian Hunt, 1777-1826'
  • Marina Dossena, 'The voice of witnesses in nineteenth-century accounts of the Highland clearances'
  • Eileen Crofton, 'Journey on foot through part of the north and west of Scotland by William Laing, Edinburgh, 1810'
  • Elaine Thomson, 'Sick and tired of being sick and tired: working class women at the Edinburgh Hospital for women and children, c1885-c1899'
  • Heather Holmes, '"Towards a sober, honest and Christian life": reading and reading provision for navvies in Scotland in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries'
  • Steffen Stummann Hansen, 'A wealth of archaic building customs. The Dane Gudmund Hatt’s journey to the Hebrides in 1936'
  • Inja Smerdel, 'Scottish traces in Slovenia: historical fragments and historical stereotypes'

Shorter Notes

  • Kenneth J Fielding, 'Robert Scott Tait: his portraits and photographs of the Carlyles in their "Chelsea interior"'
  • Ralph Mayo, 'Robert Fowler, RI, Cellardyke, artist'
  • Alexander Fenton, 'Two nineteenth century farm documents from the Linlithgow area'
  • Alexander Fenton, 'Professor Axel Steensberg, 1 June 1906-4 March 1999'