Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 21


Cover of the Review of Scottish Culture: Volume 21


  • Hugh Cheape, '“Convivial and anomalous conversations”: The Society of Antiquaries and their museum'
  • Stuart Allan, 'Liberators: some relics of Scottish service in the wars of Spanish South America, 1805-26'
  • Godfrey Evans, 'The restoration and enlargement of Hamilton Palace by the 10th Duke of Hamilton, 1806-32'
  • David H Caldwell, 'The re-arming of the clans, 1822'
  • John Burnett, 'The banner of liberty: symbols and the celebration of the 1832 Reform Bill in Scotland'
  • Kerry McMillan, 'The North Bridge model: understanding a misunderstood object from the collections of the National Museums Scotland'
  • William Donaldson, 'Re-thinking popular antiquities'

Shorter Notes

  • Michael Bath, 'Emblems from Enea Vico in a Scottish armorial manuscript'
  • Stephen Miller, '“If your book is not away”: A note on the lost and unpublished work of the Reverend Walter Gregor'
  • Elizabeth Ann Olson, 'Petting the Eel Horsie'